“DARGIE COLLECTION” at International Library of African Music (ILAM)

The Dave Dargie Collection at ILAM includes audio CD recordings of 21 Southern African musical bows and the closely related monochord zithers. The CDs, DVDs and Handbooks may be obtained from: International Library of African Music (ILAM), Rhodes University, Makhanda, 6140, South Africa. Here is a list of available materials.

* The Handbook Tsonga Xitende, Swati Makhoyane, is in preparation (April 2020) and will be ready soon.

“DARGIE COLLECTION”: List of CDs, DVDs and Handbooks including and/or dealing with Bow Music (including music of Monochord Zithers)

A:  CDs.


Make and Play your own Musical Bow (with Handbook)

Ntsikana Music Collection 2000 (with Handbook)

Nguwe lo! (with handbook)

Umngqokolo and Umngqokolo II (with Handbook)

Umrhubhe wemimangaliso (with Handbook)

Umzi kaMzwandile (with Handbook)

Ngawol’ esiza (with Handbook)

Nofinishi Dywili I & II (with Handbook)

 The Handbook The Music of Ngqoko is intended to accompany the following three CDs.

Emva ekhaya

Ezona Ngoma zeNgqoko

New Sounds from Ngqoko 2005


Zulu Bow Songs I, II and III (with Handbook)

Brother Clement Sithole: Compositions (with Handbook)

Other Languages.

Tsonga Xitende, Swati Makhoyane (with Handbook [due to be completed in May 2020])

Musical Bows of Namibia (with Handbook)

Sing an African Song (with Handbook/Song book)

Magical Musical Bows (with Handbook)

New World, Ancient Harmonies (with small insert booklet)

Dargie Photo Display: CD ROM with 161 photographs, plus two handbooks plus 4 audio CDs.

DD Collection Selection CD I: Traditional Music, CD II: African Church Music (with Handbook).

B:  DVDs.


Xhosa Music introduced by. Dave Dargie (Xhosa Music Pt. 1)

Xhosa Music Part 2

Concert at Ngqoko (with Handbook)

Performance at Nofinishi Dywili’s, 5/11/1998 (with Handbook)

Xhosa Music in Hogsback (with Handbook)

Versions of the Songs of Ntsikana (goes with the Ntsikana CD and Handbook – see above)

Umngqokolo – The DVD (goes with the two CDs and Handbook –see above)

 (Umngqokolo – the DVD may be viewed on YouTube at

Other Languages.

Composing with Traditional Musicians

Tswana Music – Traditional and (Neo-)Church